I use to buy from BANGGOOD, because i trusted them and despite some trouble with post service, normally I always received orders within 30/40 days.
But something happened, to more than one order in the past days, specifically in customs in Polands, that blocked orders from China. Normally i take insurance on shipping because I had bad experience in the past.

But what happens if you wait 2 months and you don't receive the order?
No problem! part of the contract is that if don't receive your order within 60 days you are eligible of a full refund. 
No, not at all.

Take in mind they take money just at the order, what happens next is not important.

After this period, I contacted the Customer Service, and happened they refused to apply the statement, because... because nothing. They can, they do.

This happens when the trust of your customer is not important, only make money.
This relies on very skilled people that answer to you how they cannot do what they are supposed to do. In a global market based on reviews and trust, when you give moneys to someone you cannot see, I believe trust is all. They not: counting on big numbers they can disappoint and not respect their customer. I'm only one, in respect of billion of people in a potential market. But I can do something, make you know what could happen.

Here after the chat I had with customer support.
Expect something similar if you are in the same trouble. An occidental sounding name operator "Amy", answer you on LiveChat. I have a suspect on the name, and I don't understand why they use fake names, this just should give you an idea that you are part of a strategy and not the center of the business based on trust.

Amy 06:50
Hello. Thank you for contacting customer service. And how may I assist you today?

juppiter78 06:50
Hello, i need support on order xxxxxxxx 

Amy 06:52

juppiter78 06:52
i want to be refunded. more than 60 days are passed, but i still not received the items

Amy 06:53
Kindly give me 2-3 minutes to check it for you
Your order xxxxxxxx is still in transit and the tracking information has recently been updated.
[Note: they updated also the shipping date, as they have the power to travel in the past, maybe some customer don't remember they shipped one month before...]

You can track it at this link and check the picture here below:
[link removed]

The logistics information has been updated in recent days and thus we believe that the parcel is still in transit. The tracking information of this order will be updated at important logistics stations or once it arrives in your country. Would you mind waiting for 2-3 weeks more week to see if you can receive this parcel?

If you still can not receive it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to assist you in solving this issue.

juppiter78 06:55
no, i want to be refunded

Amy 06:56
Please try to understand that it is not possible to cancel now as it will be delivered anytime, you may receive it and return it or refuse it then we will refund it.

juppiter78 06:57
i understand, but is your fault: "If you have not received your item(s) beyond this time, you are eligible for a full refund after we have conducted a postal investigation. "
my problem is that I'll not be here the next month, so I'll not receive in any case the parcel

Amy 06:59
I certainly understand your point however there are certain policies and procedures according to which we have to work. In this case, there were many parcels facing the same issue and more than half of them have already been delivered so this will be delivered too.

juppiter78 06:59
is part of the contract
i understand your policies, but our statement is that you have to deliver goods within 60 days
this is a contract
so i kindly ask a full refund

Amy 07:01
The order was shipped on 3 June and we wait for 60 days but particular in this case, we need to wait little more because the orders are being delivered.
[Another try, tell to the customer something that is not true, may be he believe you]

juppiter78 07:01
no, te order was prepared on 1 june
juppiter78 07:02
and shipped 2 June
I can send you the mail of shipping if needed
also with the invoice

Amy 07:04
The time it takes to prepare your item(s) to ship from our warehouse. This includes preparing your items, performing quality checks, and packing for shipment.due to which shipping get delayed

juppiter78 07:05
but shipped on 2 June
and you now that in July there are 31 days, so now are passed 61 days from the shipping date
1 day more in respect of 60 days
as in the policy, contract, statement. Please read https://www.banggood.com/Shipping-methods_hl70_at321 but i know you are aware i'm eligible of a full refund
that I want
is not possible to wait two months, with amazon i can receive them in two days

Amy 07:07
Please try to understand that it is not possible to cancel now as it will be delivered anytime, you may receive it and return it or refuse it then we will refund it.

juppiter78 07:07
i cannot receive o return or refuse
i'm not more there from tomorrow
I'm suer will be stolen
in any case, go ahead with full refund. but I would like to know what happened, because i want to know to understand in the future if i will place orders or not
please remember you received money 62 days ago, and I'm not asking for interest
i can wait only if you can guarantee that it will be delivered by today, tomorrow morning i'll not be here

Amy 07:13
you can ask your friend relatives to collect on your behalf
juppiter78 07:13
no, i cannot, i live in countryside
can you change the shipping address?
i don't think. In any case, I don't want to risk, as I said is part of our contract. So please proceed with a full refund

Amy 07:16
As it is middle of delivery so we can not change the address

Amy 07:19
but do not worry if it get returned back to us in that case also we can refund you the money

juppiter78 07:20
I don't worry, I only want to be refunded.
I use to respect my committments, I expect you make the same
if you cannot solve this problem, tell me know. I'll write a mail instead.

[loss of trust: says no and go ahead, despite the customer ask something in his right]

Amy 07:29
Is there anything else I can help you with?

juppiter78 07:29
please start the process of refund, as in my request
you cannot answer "wait", is clearly stated. I waited, i not received, i want to be refunded

Amy 07:31
Being a customer myself I certainly understand your disappointment however we really do not have possible way to cancel it now as it will be delivered to you in few days. You may return/refuse it and we will refund it.

[this should part of the strategy, I'm on your shoes, I understand but.. no]

juppiter78 07:32
this is your point as seller, but we have a contract, and i'm sure you respect contracts
otherwise you need to change the contract in "after 60 days you will be refunded after we try more and more not to refund@

Amy 07:36
We take it as a feedback and will improve in this

juppiter78 07:37
i write a mail, is my right, ad you are not respecting it. Consider that your business is based on trust with customer, and you lose my trust. I will be sure all this chat will known by other customer on my website

Amy 07:40
Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you

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SIEG X2 MINI MILL BELT DRIVE CONVERSION: My version with 220V 3 phase motor and VFD

Another project is finally finished: SIEG X2 aka MINI MILL BELT DRIVE CONVERSION.

The original SIEG X2 DC motor prematurely left me with a piece of junk, cause to carbon brushes spikes. I tried to change mosfet, but after another set, i decided to convert this machine to belt drive.

The new version uses a 750W motor (1HP) with a Mitsubishi VFD.
In the post, video of operation and make of. 

Finished belt conversion
The 3d printed test

Another view of 3d printed test
6 mm aluminium plate 
Too many chips... need to find a solution
Refining the two hubs... mmm... why not cnc

PCB CNC ABLATED WITH LASER: why send outside if you can do at home

A long waited fab for PCB, etched in house using a 5W visible laser (450nm), diy chemicals. The process is straightforwarding and really precise.

I started with black spray paint, then lasered with FlatCam and GRBL, then etched with hydrochloride (33%) and hydrogen peroxide (130 volumes, difficult to find).

Videos at the end of the post.

A great result: total time approximately 30 minutes.

Blank one side PCB
Tried two spray paint. The right one is the best, matte black acrylic paint

Just sprayed

Cutted and ready to be ablated with 5W laser

Ablation in progress (previous photo without support). Air assist is really necessary.

The 5W laser is ablating spray paint @ 100% duty cycle - feed: 700 mm/min, but i tried also 30% duty cycle and it worked. 

Ablated pc, design from kicad with FlatCam

Ablated pcb. Before etching, i cleaned it with peroxide @ 3%
Etching, only ten seconds

Before etching, I've heated @ 40 degrees Celsius


Etched and rinsed in tap cold water

Cleaned with acetone (nail solvent) to clean residual paint

Close Up
Cutted (by hand this time) and drilled with 0.9

Next steps: soldermask and white text and double sided pcb.

METAL CASTING: Backyard metal foundry, introduction

Time to start a new project, which involves extreme temperatures, molten metal, sublimating foam and more like this. 

My propane burner

Backyard metal foundry will enable me to melt metal scrap into useful drafted objects that could be later machined with precision.
Temperature achievable at home (up to 1200°C) enable to melt aluminium, brass, copper, bronze. Iron requires higher temperature and different techniques.

The receipt involves few elements:
- a liquid propane tank. Liquid Propane has various advantages in respect to traditional charcoal foundry: requires less space, because energy density is higher, so mre energy. Here you could find in local stores 30 liters propane tanks with standard attachment.
source Own Work - author Hustvedt

- a propane burner
. There are various models you can build, with back air or with venturi effect. The one i decided to build is the simplest one. It attaches to propane tank with standard pressure reducer, then with a pipe attaches to a custom burner based on two elements, the burner itself which is a drilled steel water pipe of standard length and the gas diffuser, another steel pipe with tiny hole on the center. The gas flows from the tiny hole then mix with back air and blows a blue flame of high temperature. A possible add-on may be a back air blower to enhance the oxygen available to complete the combustion inside the foundry.

Note the burner itself has specific dimensions and more air holes to capture oxygen.

- a foundry. This is where the burned gas inside a refractory lining fuse the scrape metal. The construction of the foundry is more or less a metal barrel with refractory cement on the bottom and on the walls. A removable cement top hat with hole, to regulate the heat into the chamber, complete the foundry.
For my application i found a convenient olive oil barrel that I cutted with grinder. On the side, near the bottom, I will drill an hole with specific angle to introduce the burner.

- the crucible. for hobby metal needs simple steel barrel is sufficient. For more specific application sintered crucibles made from ceramic or oxide powder is required because molten metal (Specifically aluminium react with iron). And more could be easily replaced.

- a flask with sand and cavity or, in my case, foam. Foam metal casting is a recent technique in which a foam pattern remain inside the sand. The molten metal replaces instantaneous the foam sublimating it. After cooling the foam is no more present and the metal has the design of the foam pattern.
Find more information on this process on wikipedia.
Of course the best site around from 2000: http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/

- the pattern, that could be easily machined with cnc or standard technology.

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