OUTSIDE: KUROKESU - how passion can drive your life

As I noticed KUROKESU range of product, i wanted to deep dive on the philosophy guiding this lithuanian guy and his team. What I learned so far is that your passion can lead your life to new dimension.

About KUROKESU you can read in his website
"What started as a great way to burn my free-time has evolved into a full-time occupation – but from the start Kurokesu has been my passion. Initially I made all the parts and assembled every product myself, from USB cameras and lenses through to precision tools and motion systems. [...] At the end of spring 2017 I was able to quit my day job."
While you can find a machine probe from aliexpress, I would prefer 100:1 to acquire it from this source, to support his business, and also because the quality of his products could be measured just by by design details.

In the E-store you can find a fine motorized rotary stage:

A sturdy Raspberry PI enclosure (note the actual revision is F):
A complete USB camera with C-Mount lens (for instance to assembly a soldering or inspection macro camera):
A logitech c920 rework case:

What I like so much, is the touch probe:

I will give a try to the touch probe soon.

Good luck KUROKESU.

All credits for the photos belongs to him.


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