PEATOL/TAIG: the most beautiful affordable metal lathe

I bought a PEATOL/TAIG because i need a small lathe (despite i have a 7x20 lathe) i can operate in my house. I have known about it from the conspicuous fans all over the world.

Peatol/Taig lathe overview

The Peatol 0,18kW motor, 1360 rpm

Here some links if you want to know more about PEATOL/TAIG:
Peatol Machine Tools: the home of PEATOL/LATHE;
Deansphotografica: beautiful projects;
CarterTools: the biggest resource i know about taig;
LeeValley Instruction booklet;

I received it from Peter of Peatol (UK) on August, and now i'm showing it once assembled the base, the motor and it's fully functional. The motor was blue so i repainted to black.

I assembled also the motor mount from aluminium with primitives dovetails. My version of lathe come with powerfeed already installed and a sturdy block of aluminium for raise the entire lathe.

This is my start package:

1015Micro lathe with power feed
1030Four jaw chuck, with reversible, heat-treated steel jaws
10921/16"-3/8" Jacobs chuck
1150Drilling tailstock - lever operated
1151Needle bearing centre - spring loaded
1160Spare belt
11616 step pulley set (2 pulleys) including Vee belt for 11mm motor shaft
10956 piece tool bit set - HSS, left & right, round nose, boring bar, cutoff, 45 degree chamfer
1200Compound top slide - mounts on cross-slide for cutting angles and tapers - with toolpost
1002New electric motor - 11mm shaft
 ?Drill chuck arbour - attaches Jacobs chucks to headstock spindle
1173T-bar cutoff tool, height adjustable

Peter form Peatol said me this is a very comprehensive set of components to give a working lathe, and i must admit he was right.
For the base i used a wood block from a ikea countertop (very hard), a drip pan upside down and a wooden frame to finish the base. To lock the lathe and the motor's dovetail to the wood base i used brass barrels in the bottom plane.

A review: this lathe is beautiful, sturdy, small, precise, simple to assemble and use. A must for every workshop. This is only a start because there are a lot of implementations you can do to this little lathe.

The pulley system, note the rubber band
The toolpost, simple and effective
To enable the power feed you simply lock the handywheel 
I think i will replace the spring with a coupler 
The Taig headstock

My home made motor mount with dovetails

The depth stop

I bought also two IGaging Scales (IGaging site), a 6" and a 12" which i've cut to size and mounted on X and Y axes. I've planned to convert the DRO to Yuriy's Touch Dro (Yuriy's Toys Dro) using a tablet and a TI launchpad.

A closeup of the lathe and IGaging Scale 
The IGaging side support
The other IGaging support
The stock IGaging magnetic reader.
With IGaging in this position you lose some x width with tool post installed.

Update 2016/11: check out also Peatol/Taig steady rest , radius turner , milling attachment on this blog.


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