EMBROIDERY CNC: first completed work

Long time, long journey, started in 2012, a project semi-finished after six years was completed, and it took not more than one week to be operative: CNC Embroidery is now fully working!

Speed is still quite limited by torque of little Nema 17 stepper motor at high revolution speed of the flywheel. More or less actually the maximum speed is 200 stitches per minute, while I believe that with a bigger motor (Nema 23 with 430 oz in) I could reach a speed of 800 stitches per minute.

A short video of the machine running with sewing machine internals:

Cat size is approximately 3x2 cm (1.2" by 0.8")

Following some work in progress experiment:

Closeup, nice blue on white

Most of the work was related to thread tension requirements. The old machine had a lot of trouble to maintain the correct thread tension. After some disassembly and reassembly, I noted a spring was missing from the thread tensioning system, so a lot of knots and not well pulled sewing thread on the back. 

The (still not 100%) completed machine:

Frame tension setup to accomodate different kind of fabric

Frame tension spring

Entire setup

You will need one of these plastic foot to obtain a good sewing result

Brazed brass frame

Little motor, do your job!

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  1. We'd really like to cover your embroidery machine in The MagPi – official Raspberry Pi magazine. Please could you drop me a line at phil.king@raspberrypi.org? Thanks, Phil.

  2. Woow! You did a great job with this project. I like it a lot! :)

  3. Hi, congratulations, I think you want use AC Servo motor drive for your sewing machine head control & you want synchroniser upper stop position sensor for every stitch logic detection after moving your X,Y stepping motor, then you can control higher speed in your machine,,,,

  4. Hi very good basic but it work i use to work in embrodery machine
    verry very good

  5. Dear i study all your posts about this Embroidery machine but could not get the info ie. what type of files its support ie. *.DST or gcode to control the stitching, xy movement and needle movement, and status of the needle (up,down inside the fabric)

  6. can you send me how to make this project ?
    thank you
    i like to make this!

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