COIN-OP: mini arcade cabinet update

Just finished an update to the COIN-OP

I've replaced the switch plate covers with a metal one. The metal plate is a thick (20 gauge) stainless steel, cutted with Air sheet metal cutter and bended with Sheet metal bender.

On the bottom side i've completed the small window to recover coins.

Actually i've programmed the coin op with old 500 lire (out-of-course). I was surprised to realize the coin acceptor can recognize this kind of bimetal coin (bronzital - acmonital).

The girl on the coin obverse depict Republic: this kind of coin was common until Italy switched to euro on January 2001. In fact the coin acceptor is an educative trick to limit the children time spent into the game.

Next step: T-mold all over the laminated wood (not so easy to find here).

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  1. Los vinilos BARTOP imitan a la perfección las decoraciones oroginales de los antiguos muebles arcade y muebles BARTOP


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