PEATOL/TAIG: Steady rest 1190

A photo review of the Peatol Taig Steady Rest (Part #1190).
Capacity: 3/32" to 1 1/2 " - 2.38 mm to 38.10 mm

From Taig: The Steady Rest is used to support long workpieces that extend out from the spindle. The support is needed so that the cutting tool does not deflect the workpiece as the carriage is traversed away from the spindle.

If the standard steady rest does not suit your needs, check this awesome work by Joe D Link to

If you want to modify this steady rest to use roller bearing, check out the encyclopedic Cartertools blog:

Finally check out the original PEATOL/TAIG lathe post back to 2014 on this blog.

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