A new CNC router

Finally, after 3 year rework, the refurbishment of desktop CNC router is finished.

Some years ago i bought these linear slide equipped with ultra precision recirculating ballscrews. Also the optical endstop now are wired and repeatable.
The spindle motor is a KRESS motor, controlled by a SSR.
The frame is a structure of L and C steel channel with a base plate with linear slide bolted on.  Work area is 12"x12"x5" (300mm x 300mm x 125mm).
You can find base plate from vakuumtisch store (https://www.vakuumtisch.de/), with nuts and bolts.

Following a video related to the setup phase with an overview of the control box.

The CNC is very rigid and capable of smooth and rapid movements.

Previously i had a vacuum table, now I've attached a milled aluminium plate (3/8" or 20mm) with T-slot.
Motors and drivers are NEMA 23 with 420 oz in from ebay seller LongsMotor (Ebay store), i strongly suggest these motors for the price and quality and also for the support.
I opted for GRBL for the controller (inside the control box) with a Raspberry Pi as CNC web controller.

Welcome little CNC! 
For the future, reinforce the whole setup with tie-rods, nema 23 back cover and probably a cabinet.

After a photo of the original messy setup...
Vintage Oriental Motors

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